Kemira Water Solutions


Brantford, ON

  • 100′ deficient wall with structural steel framing
  • 100% Marine Grade Epoxy Coating for Structural Members
  • 100% Galvanized Structural bolts and fasteners
  • 24 Gauge and 22 Gauge Exterior Cladding
  • Heavy structural steel opening framed amidst a live industrial plant, hazardous products, and no machine access

Upon assessing Kemira Water Solutions, CMB Erectors faced a daunting task. The structurally deficient wall needed urgent attention, but the active plant couldn’t halt operations. Collaborating with Paulsan Construction and Kemira, a plan was formed to ensure progress without disruption. Innovative strategies, including false work platforms and waterproofing allowed CMB to complete interior and exterior cladding. Despite a 30-day deadline and operational constraints, the project finished two days early and within budget.

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