Creating Custom Spaces One Metal Building at a Time

Pre-Engineered Buildings

Building Versatility and Efficiency

CMB sources projects primarily through trusted general contractors and on occasion directly from the client. We build pre-engineered metal buildings for many different suppliers and are proficient in the systems and details of all the major suppliers including Nucor, Steelway, Robertson/Star, Metallic, Butler, and Varco Pruden. CMB can provide consultation with the General Contractor and or client on the design of their building; drawing on our years of experience in Pre-engineered construction to help guide the client to the most functional, efficient building their budget allows.

Benefits of Pre-Engineered Buildings

  • Unlimited adaptations
  • Speed of construction
  • Meets all current building and efficiency codes (NECB 2020)
  • Adaptable to meet all SB10 energy code requirements
  • Customizable to any industry
  • Easily retrofitted
  • Engineered to maximize value
  • Clear span warehouse space (no posts)

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Pre-Engineered Buildings

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