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The most dangerous period in the life cycle of a building is the construction period. CMB Erectors recognizes this fact as a daily reality for a construction company and in keeping with our progressively minded approach to all things steel building related we employ a group of likeminded individuals who came of age in a safety conscious and safety focused construction environment. This has helped CMB Erectors achieve and maintain a stellar safety record in both provinces we currently operate in with Zero lost time injuries or safety infractions. CMB Erectors is a member of Alberta Metal Building Association and carries coverage with WCB (AB) and WSIB (ON).

CMB Erectors works closely with industry partners and is always on the leading edge of new legislation and industry safety practice changes and updates. Working with industry partners such as the Alberta Apprenticeship program and the Alberta Metal Building Association we have developed a safety program tailored specifically to the Steel Erection and Pre Engineered Metal Building Erection industry, outlining our key practices, key legislation for employee rights, employer and employee rights and responsibilities, fairness and inclusion policies and procedures as well as task specific procedures and requirements, job site etiquette and attire etc. CMB Erectors will work with the project managers or project consultants to design an efficient process into both the project and the building to meet provincial and or company specific safety requirements as the project requires. CMB Erectors complies with all safety procedures of the contracted site, as well as all provincial labour regulations and requirements, ensuring you a safe and efficient project build.

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