Do You Have A Steel Construction Project We Can Help With?

CMB Erectors, a structural steel erection company with offices in Brantford, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta, have project managers who, before work begins, will help you plan each element of your project. They are just one part of a dedicated team that includes Estimators, Project Manager, Foremen, construction crews and General Manager.

The success of our company, striving to be a leader in the steel construction industry is rooted in our safe work practices and philosophy. One thing that our team has learned is our work is only as good as who you work with, and we have a strong history, proving that every project had a safe installation.

Our work can be found with oilfield service companies, service shops, trucking & logistics companies, community services, warehousing facilities, church construction, arenas, pools, other types of sports facilities, as well as the agriculture industry.

Your projects specific requirements will be met with the safety program, industry specific policies and job task procedures we have developed and instilled as a fundamental value shared amongst the managers, foreman and staff we have in place. We ensure that the erecting and completion of each industrial and commercial steel project is with the reliability and quality that CMB Erectors is known for. The results that we provide our customers has resulted in the formation of excellent relationships between CMB and its clients creating a trusting confident atmosphere allowing us to ensure projects are completed on schedule with a safety conscious focus while maintaining a competitive cost by embracing new approaches and methods to steel erection.

Each project begins with the right workflow between your team and ours, and finishes complete, on time, and most importantly, on budget.

Picture of roofers on steel beams