Do You Have A Steel Construction Project We Can Help With?

CMB Erectors specializes in new construction of Pre-Engineered Metal Building packages (PEMB). The size of these buildings ranges from 5,000 to 100,000+ sqf. Coming in all shapes and sizes, these buildings are used for various applications including truck maintenance shops, oilfield equipment service shops, arenas, community centres, other sports facilities such as pools and gymnasiums. They are also used as commercial-use buildings for medium to large-sized contractors, providing them a facility to not only store sensitive equipment, but both shop space for loading and unloading trucks and yard storage space. These facilities also have office space to house all operations under one roof. Other uses and requests come from agricultural operations such as barns and riding areas, as well as cold storage for animal feed.

CMB Erectors operates as a sub-trade and sub-contractor under a general contractor.

Worker on Crane

We build Pre Eng Metal Buildings for many different suppliers and are proficient in the systems and details of all the major suppliers including Nucor, Steelway, Robertson/Star, Metallic, Butler, and Varco Pruden. We also often erect the conventional steel office portions of projects. CMB has a background in conventional steel erection with many employees and foreman having been employed, trained and apprenticed with companies specific to conventional structural steel earlier in their careers as well as CMB’s owners experience building multi storey and beam and joist warehouse projects in and around  Toronto and the GTA.

CMBE has taken on conventional building projects provided they are of a size and scope applicable to CMB Erectors. Though not our specialty, we are skilled at erecting conventional and conventional lean-to pre-engineering steel buildings.

CMB Erectors sources its projects through an array of trusted general contractors who are hired by the end user to facilitate construction of their building. Most of CMB Erectors work is brought forward by general contractors seeking to build some of the newest most advanced Metal building packages available. They look to CMB Erectors to provide the confidence they require to present proposals that will win the award of projects and  allow them to confidently and safely complete the contracts they are vying for.Very rarely do we work directly for a supplier or client but in rare circumstances will Erect buildings on a client direct basis.

Our typical client is a medium to large size general contracting company with a client requiring a Pre Eng Metal Building. There are times when we are asked to consult with the General Contractor and or client on the design of their building drawing on our years of experience in the construction of Pre Eng buildings and using our knowledge to help guide the client to the most functional, efficient building their budget allows. From a construction and end use point of view. However, more often than not, as an erector currently not affiliated directly with a supply line, CMB Erectors is typically seeking projects with a designated supplier. This means there is usually the General Contractor, and in rare situations the client may possess the building independent of a General Contractor or Supplier, and hire a General Contractor who hires CMB Erectors to oversee and construct their Pre Eng Metal Building package.