Do You Have A Steel Construction Project We Can Help With?

Our vision at CMBE is to be forward thinking, a progressively minded company in an old indentured industry.
We place high importance on the treatment of employees and their ultimate job satisfaction, fairness and equality in compensation and opportunity for growth for all employees, high employee engagement and non-corporate atmosphere creating an inclusive nurturing environment for ideas and procedural changes. This, in turn, creates a very trusting environment between field staff and management, leading to exceptional customer service through a unified vision and high accountability.

This mindset, in regards to hiring to the most skilled and compliant employees in the industry, will set apart the old from the new. Between generations, it is an entirely different mindset, taking into account the specific challenges faced when hiring employees from the younger generation. The previous generation, for a time, dominated this industry. However, as we see this change, we must face it head on with a plan involving limited turn over and more cost-effective building with a team of like-minded younger people eager to do well for themselves. The next generation of skilled builders are sought after for their understanding of the new age of construction.