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Supreme Concrete

Edmonton, Alberta

  • 7500 sqf
  • Clear span
  • Standing Seam Roof
  • 30’ Eave height
  • Overhead Crane
  • Structural Mezzanine
  • Energy Saver Roof system * (Cavity fill roof)
  • Energy Saver wall system * (Cavity fill walls x 2)
  • Conventional Steel office structure
  • Parapet Transition Gable wall to office structure
  • 8’ liner package

This building was an answer to Supreme Concretes consistent growth in Edmonton to allow them to continue to expand their business and ability to service their clients in and around the Edmonton area. The building is providing them a facility to store their materials and sensitive equipment used in their business, as well as to service their existing fleet of trucks and construction equipment.

This building featured some of the most current energy saving systems available in the Pre Eng Metal Building market. This build is a clear span application with no structural steel present inside of the perimeter of the building allowing for storage and maneuvering of oversized equipment and materials. It also features a “pass-through” design which allows a vehicle to enter the building from one side and drive directly through, exiting on the opposite side, eliminating backing up and out. The open space will allow for a much more free-flowing and efficient yard and shop space.

This building features an energy saver roof and wall system which consists of a vapor barrier installed on the structure by the erector. The opposing cavity is then filled with fiberglass insulation and capped with the exterior cladding or roofing sheet and sealed in place. The energy saving roof allows the building to achieve maximum energy and heat retention while providing a clean visual finish from the inside of the structure.

A 5 ton over head crane was included in this build and installed to assist in the loading and unloading of their service vehicles allowing them to achieve more efficiency when preparing for or returning from the field. Included was the erection of a structural steel office structure on the south side, as the buildings intended use will be the headquarters of the clients business. Moreover, there was a requirement to also include space for offices, board rooms, and staff areas. This structural office also included a mezzanine that would extend into the shop creating extra storage space and an area from which the staff can view shop activity. The owners were influential in the design process of their building and had a strong vision on how to achieve their desired result.

One essential design aspect to this client was the interior height of the building. The client intended to have the interior height of the structure to have a 30-foot eave height making it slightly higher than the average medium-sized build.

CMB Erectors worked closely with the contractor and client during the entire construction process from concept to completion to ensure all needs, material choices, and the installation was pleasing to the owners. This project was completed by CMB Erectors in November 2017 on time and on budget.

Project Details


September – November 2017


Supreme Concrete (New Build)


Nucor Building Systems


Brenex Construction Inc.


CMB Erectors Inc.

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