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Galperti Inc.

Edmonton, Alberta

  • 20,400 sqf
  • Clear span

  • Overhead Cran

  • Office portion

  • 30’ Eave height

  • Energy Saver Roof system

  • Standing Seam Roof

  • Full Gable and 2 bay wrap around canopy

  • Architectural accent band

  • Very limited access on North and West walls

This facility is constructed to allow the client to continue to expand its abilities to store and ship their product to market in a cost-effective way by not having to relocate from their current location.

To ensure maximum use of their storage space the building footprint was in the most North West corner allowed by the city building department. The location posed a challenge to CMB tasked with erecting this structure while bordered by very active businesses, and busy city streets. A strong coordination effort was made between CMB, Brenex and adjoining businesses to create safe access points for the equipment and workforce used to construct the building.

This project features some of the newest most energy efficient roof options available in the industry and showcases a large energy saver, cavity fill roof system capped by a standing seam roof.

This building features a 5 ton crane designed for the loading and unloading of oil pipe and other materials handled and shipped regularly. The building features 14’x14’ overhead doors and two levels of windows in the south facing office portion to allow for maximum natural light into the office area again cutting energy costs. This Nucor building includes a full height liner package on the interior shop portion as well as the interior finishes.

The client required a wraparound canopy at the ten-foot elevation on the South and East wall of the building. The building features an accent band at the elevation of the second set of windows designed to match their existing facility directly across the street creating continuity between the clients two buildings.

This project is on schedule and slated for completion by CMB in March of 2018.

Project Details


December 2017 – March 2018


Galperti Canada (New Build)


Nucor Building Systems


Brenex Construction Inc.


CMB Erectors Inc.

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