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Serving the Hamilton Area.

Specializing in erecting medium-sized steel building / metal building packages, Calibre Metal Building Erectors (CMBE) creates buildings that range from 5000 up to 100,000-plus square feet.

CMBE has erected several pre-engineered metal and steel / metal structures for warehouse facilities, oilfield service companies, service shops, trucking & logistics companies, church buildings, service shops, community centres, arenas, pools, other types of sports facilities and agricultural buildings.

Our trained specialists have experience erecting commercial buildings for medium to large sized contractors. They provide office space for staff as well as shop space for fabrication and space for loading and unloading trucks. Facilities for general yard storage, mini storage and sensitive equipment storage are also built.

CMBE’s specialists have built metal and steel building packages for several suppliers and have experience working with the details and building systems of major suppliers including Nucor, Steelway, Robertson/Star, Varco Pruden, Butler and Metallic.


Explore Our Recent Work

Check out some of CMBE’s recent work including community centres, trucking & logistics industry, oilfield industry, agriculture industry and church construction.

Trusted Partners

CMBE will ensure your building meets or exceeds not only the requirements and all local codes, but your expectations as well. To do that, we will ensure each of our clients receive only superior quality services and products for their buildings by working hand in hand with contractor and trusted partners.

Preengineered Buildings and Inspiring Spaces

At CMBE, we pride ourselves on the lengths we go to achieve our standards and on the buildings constructed. Our vision is to inspire our clients with the pre-engineered steel / metal structures we build for them.

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada